Don’t you think you should smile like you’re wearing red lipstick all the time? Why wouldn’t you? Everyone loves someone who smiles when it rains; who puts her feet on the dash and rolls the windows down, messy and musical. Nothing in the world is as pretty as a happy girl, so be that girl and rest assured that your life was written by God Himself; not Nicholas Sparks or Shel Silverstein. Remember that life is not about a happy ending but a happy journey. The best things in life are certainly wild and certainly free but you should always splurge on haircuts, running shoes and peanut butter. Drink lots of coffee and give all the love in your heart away. Five pounds will not kill you- you are lovely in a size 4, 6, 8, 10- you are a woman whose identity is independent of the scale, your pant size and your relationship status. You are a rockstar. Always dress up- you never know who you’re going to meet. Forgive yourself and forgive others, but don’t ever forget.



It’s always uneven, but it seemed pretty even to me on that August night when I taught you to dance beneath the moon, spinning circles in the expiring cloud of glitter and lights that always seems to accompany wedding guests drunk on sweet red wine. Just you and me and you let me stand on your feet so I didn’t get rocks in my shoes. It was the most precious show ever seen by the North Georgia star-filled sky and I want you to know that this has been my snap shot; my true love aged polaroid, framed by trembling fingers and weak knees and the universal sigh that exhales an awakening that makes your body inhale, and used to compare against the others who’d come along┬álong after this dusty town had swept you into someone else’s arms. They say it’s uneven, and it is uneven, but I guess I just didn’t notice; not until that midnight slowly faded into the grey uncertainty of the not-quite-morning. You were gone when the sunlight filled my window, and there was nothing I could do.